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Sunday, May 9, 2010

here we go....

O.K. so here it is....finally my first blog post. I've been thinking alot about my blog; what should it communicate / how should it look. My "Virgo - A" type personality desires to have it laid out perfectly with hours and hours of research on the subject matter and then tada....the perfect blog! As I mature (a nice way of saying I'm getting older) I am working on letting go of this need for perfection (didn't say I don't do it anymore I just said I'm working on it...LOL). So "here it goes"....just start writing, sharing and having fun.
A little bit about me...well I am blessed with a loving husband, kids (all grown and living on their own now) & family, great business partner, good friends and good health. I'm passionate about music (all types and it makes me very happy that I have been able to share this passion with my children), dancing (my favourite dance partner is still my Dad - and the kitchen is still the best place to dance), running (I've met so many wonderful friends through this experience and completing my first marathon, last year, with my husband was definitely a highlight and an experience I will never forget) & my hair (my hairdresser is "the other man" in my life).
My business is also a passion and I love being a part of helping others achieve their goals. My career has been focused in the interior design industry. My new business is also focused in this industry....and we've met so many talented young designers recently. Very inspiring. I guess I feel like a new phase of my work life has started and I could not be more excited....I've always loved change. It energizes me. So I hope you will check in once in a while to see what we're up to....sharing great products, good design, and the talented designers who make it look easy, so.....here we go!


  1. hello yvonne! i'm excited to see you've taken the leap! looking forward to seeing more of your inspirations here!

  2. bravo and welcome to the world of blogging!

  3. Thanks Ladies....I can see this is going to be a lot of fun. :)