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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The A Team

Every business needs an "A" team.... the people you call when you need help; the people you count on (key suppliers, contractors, the people who offer services that you require to run your business). We have lots of people on our "A" team and I think that team is what makes our business a success. Today alone we had three very important people from our "A" team make a big difference in our day and our business. It started this morning when I met our drapery specialist on site at a designer's client's home. These clients are out of town and they left their designer with their house key. Our drapery specialist was pre-installing hardware so he could get exact measurements for their custom roman shades. I met him there and let him in, we had a nice "catch up" chat, a few laughs and then I went back to the studio and left him on site to complete his install. I know many of you are gasping at the thought of leaving a contractor on site without supervision but if you have the right people on your team you know you don't have to worry. Later in the day, we had an appointment with our bookkeeper (I think any business that operates without one is not serious about being in business). She patiently listened and answered our questions and assisted us with our accounting software.  Throughout the day we had our very young, adorable and very funny IT guy drop in and out (you know the type; he doesn't look old enough to shave but his knowledge of the computer and the world around it is effortless and amazing) . He was setting up our new scanner. The first one he brought in turned out to be broken so out he went to replace it. Later he showed up again with a replacement and was able to hook us up to our new toy (although we are not techies we love what all of this stuff can do for us and we are very excited about our new scanner...think of all the blogging possibilities!). And right before the day ended our drapery specialist popped by to drop off our client's house key. Our day was filled with laughter, great connections and relationships that are invaluable to us. They make our jobs easier and much more enjoyable.  We value our "A" team and we let them know it! I hope you do too....


  1. What a great post. So many people don't get the respect they deserve in business. If everybody was more respectful of the talents of the people around them we might get better results. Look forward to following. Vancouver was my home town. best, Susan

  2. thanks Susan for the lovely comments and for the follow